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Sugarloaf Snowboarder Sets Guinness Record For Most Vertical Feet In 12 Hours


Congratulations to Myles Silverman who lapped Sugarloaf Mountain’s Narrow Gauge trail an incredible 56 times netting nearly 100K vert, setting a Guinness World Records for the greatest vertical distance snowboarded in 12 hours.

New Center Maine reports Sugarloaf opened early and closed late to accommodate the record attempt and gave Myles his own priority lane at the SuperQuad lift so lines wouldn’t slow him down. He said it was a no-brainer for him to attempt the record at his home mountain and he did it on a Winterstick snowboard, made in a factory on Sugarloaf mountain:

“It was kind of poetic how Winterstick is made at Sugarloaf. So I used a board that Sugarloaf made, on Sugarloaf, to break a world record. And I’m a Sugarloafer. So, I was super pumped about that.”

Maine ski resort, Maine snowboard, Maine snowboarder…Friggen Right Bub!

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“It started out as some crazy idea I had on a chairlift. I was told by my coach that I needed more time on snow due to my time at college; and I began to wonder how many runs I could possibly do in a day. Then I thought about the vertical feet that I’d accumulate, and that there must be a record to break.

Well, after 12 hours, 56 runs, and nearly 100k vertical ft, I have broken the Guinness World Record! I want to give a HUGE thank you to Sugarloaf for making things happen, as well as all of the volunteers, the staff, lift attendants, and the ski patrol. This one is for you!” –Myles Silverman

Full interview with Myles about his record:

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