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Cross Country Skiers Remove Viper From Trail (Video)


This might be odd to say, but I’ve never considered the possibility of running into a snake while cross-country or downhill skiing. It’s just not something you would expect, ya know?

But, this is 2022, and everything is a little bit weird these days…

Two Swedish cross country skiers encountered a snake directly on the ski track they were traveling on. Thankfully one of them was able to move the snake off of the trail using his pole.

The encounter was posted to Instagram by @daminorrx. Just click/scroll to the 4th post below. You can see the man remove the pissed off snake.

I translated her caption from Swedish to English using Google Translate:

“Easy top five odd features on today’s ski pass. A viper in the middle of the ski track! Thanks to the brave @lidfalc we were able to move the dizzying snake to a more comfortable place, both for it and all skiers”

This is completely random, but I just learned that the word ‘fart’ in Swedish translates to ‘speed’ in English. I saw FART on the last image of the post above and just had to get to the bottom of it.

It might be my new favorite thing now. It’s such dumb humor, and I can’t get enough of it. ????

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