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Vancouver Island “Ski Fence” Saved After New Homeowner Convinced By Daughter


Love that this kitschy bit of fencing up on Canada’s Vancouver Island will remain intact after the person who purchased the property was convinced to do so by her daughter.

CTV News reports Jodi Allsopp and her husband purchased the property and the planned to eventually remove the fence comprised of than 250 pairs of skis, but three weeks after they bought the place her daughter discovered an old news story about the ski fence:

“She came running up to the back of the property and said…You’ve got to see this. When I saw that video, my heart melted. And the ski fence became something totally different to me. I fell in love with it.”

The video featured a man named Norm Bucsis, who was once an avid skier but had to stop due to multiple health issues. The fence started with a few of his old skis propped up beside the driveway and grew as his neighbors and friends to donated their retired skis.

“As long as we own this property, which we intend to for the rest of our lives, we will continue to add to the ski fence and Norm’s legacy.”

Jodi has since added to the fence and now it has over 300 pairs and still attracts visitors around the world. This makes me happy. Original story about Norm:

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