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Jesper Tjäder Is The Best Jib Skier In The World


You can’t change my mind. Jesper Tjäder, the Swedish freestyle skiing god is hands-down the best jib skier in the world.

People like Candide and Mikaela Shiffrin have him beat in other disciplines, but nobody can tough Tjäder when it comes to sliding on rails.

You might think I’m dumb, you might disagree, but I’m sticking to that take until I see evidence to suggest otherwise. Enjoy this quick clip of Tjäder shredding rails in his Unrailistic Park in Åre, Sweden.

I love that it was filmed on a retro camera. It looks so cool.

[embedded content]

Jesper Tjäder: “VX clips from the public Unrailistic park in Åre. Filming: Judith Bergström Thanks to Red Bull Sweden and Skistar for building the park! …and thanks to my other sponsors: Head skis, Dope Snow, GoPro, Sweet Protection, Db, Leki Enjoy! :)”

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