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Alyeska Passes 800 Inches Of Snow On The Season!


Alyeska Resort Trail Map | OnTheSnow

Alyeska Resort Trail Map | OnTheSnow

The snow keeps rolling through coastal Alaska this spring, and I’m sure the good folks up at Alyeska Resort aren’t complaining!

813 inches of snow has fallen at the summit of Alyeska’s Glacier Bowl express this season, and the resort is still reporting a maximum base depth of 187 inches as of April 24, 2022. That almost seems unbelievable, right?

Let’s break it down so we can visualize just how much 813″ really is. I’m not a math guy, but I like to compare snowfall totals to everyday things to really put it into perspective, ya know?

Okay. So 813 inches is 67.75 feet. That’s nearly as tall as five story building…. What the actual hell Alyeska. Are ya’ll okay up there?

Is 813 inches too much snow? Do you need me to come ski it to melt some of it down with my hot ass ski skills? ????

Cheers to those of you that are enjoying the last few bonus weekends up at Alyeska as we move into May. I wish I could join you, but it makes me smile that at least somebody is enjoying it.

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