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Utah Man Spends 40 Years Building Off-Grid “Cave House”


Grant Johnson moved to Utah as a young man in his 20s and purchased a piece of land that would later become an inholding of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument. Grant spent the next 40 years creating a off-grid homestead with a 5,700 square foot cave house.  It’s incredible what humans are capable of given enough motivation and time. If you’re interested in checking out the property in person you’re in luck….its listed on Airbnb ($355) see listing below: [embedded content]

The gas BBQ is open! Mind you, spring holds weather, the earthen patio is not covered. The cave is a free-standing rock that your host, Grant, blasted and carved into his custom home. It’s finished with glass openings for uninterrupted views of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument. Like sitting in a painting. The cave’s a fascinating work of art, while the surrounding homestead is a master example of sustainable living. Grant lives here year-round, and has farmed this land for 30 years.

The temperature in the cave is regulated all year and feels warm in winter and cool in the summer. We are all off-grid and use hydro electricity for power. The stay does require a four-wheel-drive for the last mile before reaching the cave. Sometimes musicians come through to jam in our amazing music room. We encourage you to bring instruments or join us.

Guest access

The neighborhood is a dead-end, dirt road with only a few ranches that are quite spread apart. It is 8 miles from the closest town of Boulder, UT. Plenty of parking and space in general out here, along with silence and stars. Share our kitchen if you’d like. You have a fridge, microwave, BBQ, blender and utensils in your private wing, along with ground coffee and drip coffee maker.

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