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Vail Resorts Employees Considering Opting Out of Lawsuit Settlement


“They offered me less than $100. As a part-timer, I estimate that Vail shorted me over $2000 since 2016. Why does Vail get to keep the rest?”-ResortSettlementOptout.com

There are currently numerous legal cases against Vail Resorts regarding them violating federal and state labor laws. The company failedto pay reimbursements for equipment, as well as compensation for time staff spent training, in meetings or on meal breaks, getting on the mountain and gearing up before shifts.” While Vail denies any wrongdoing, they have reached a settlement amount in the case of Hamilton v Vail. For Vail Resorts employees, the question is whether to opt in or out of the settlement. Vail Daily reports that two websites have been created to show the 100,000 current and former employers their options.

The Resort Settlement website has reached out to current and former Vail Resort employees multiple times to show them their options. The pro for this option is getting paid now, and not running the risk of future cases bringing minimal or zero returns. The con of opting in is that such individuals will not be able to join in on the ongoing Quint v. Vail case. The Opt-Out website was created for numerous reasons. The settlement money is insufficient(the creator of the website is being offered less than $100), Vail Resorts didn’t admit they did anything wrong in spite of recently changing their labor practices, the settlement is only 7.2% of the original lawsuit, the lawyers got paid handsomely, and those who opt-out will be able to join the Quint v. Vail case. Those who want to opt-out have until May 6th to submit their choice.

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