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Popular Zion National Park Trail Getting Makeover


The Canyon Overlook Trail at Zion National Park is one of the best hikes in the area. The mile roundtrip hike only has an elevation gain of 187 feet and is rated as a moderate hike according to Alltrails.com.  With increasing crowds at the national park though, park officials are now working on making the trail accessible for decades to come. KSL.com reports that maintenance will be done on the hike this Spring to improve trail conditions. The goals of the project will be to “rehabilitate masonry, post new or rehabilitate handrails and improve its trailhead.” The trail will be closed during sporadic midweek periods on Monday thru Thursday, and closures to the Pine Creek canyoneering route and lower Pine Creek Drainage areas below the Canyon Overlook Trail are also possible. The trail is expected to fully reopen in Early June.

Zion was established as a National Park in 1919, and the Civilian Conservation Corps completed the Canyon Overlook Trail in 1933. With 5 million visitors in 2021, Zion has been working on reimagining the experience, including introducing permits for the Angels Landing trail. You can view the details of the Canyon Overlook Trail on Alltrails.com here. 

Image Credits: Earth Trippers, Zion National Park

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