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Dreamy Backcountry Snowboarding With Husky (Video)


YouTube channel ‘The ninja on the mountains’ uploaded a dreamy video of him split boarding during a spring pow day at St. Mary’s Glacier, CO with his husky, and I can’t help but be jealous.

We all know that riding with a dog can be dangerous, but this guy’s pup seems to be well-trained to not get too close as he’s descending.

The conditions looked pretty sweet for a spring backcountry session!

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The ninja on the mountains: “Snowboarding St Marys Glacier with my dog after a spring snowstorm. I had visited a couple weeks before and snow was old and kind of icy, I wanted to summit James Peak and snowboard from there, but was unable due to white-out conditions. 

So this time looked like a good window to summit James Peak since the weather was beautiful at the start of the hike and all the way through the glacier. At the top of the Glacier, winds were still calm, I could see the summit of James peak so I thought I would be able to summit this time, but as I got closer the wind picked reaching 60 + mph and I was not ready for that and my ear was nearly freezing, so once again I had to around without reaching the summit, but it was a smart decision as my ear later swelled up and was hurting for a few days. If I had kept pushing I could have suffered even worst pain or possibly frostbite. The snow was great and protected from the wind on the top of the Glacier so I did a couple rounds on perfect deep untouched snow ahhh!! haven’t had too many days like this, me and my dog had a blast!! the dog slept the whole way home that’s how I know he had a good day.”

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