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ALTA Spring Skiing Heroes Fail Spectacularly For Cheering Fans


Shout out to this pair of hotdogs who overcooked a jump at the Frank World Classic Ski Competition at Alta.  Bit too much mustard but they seemed to relish the moment.

Here’s a quick description of the event by Altacommunity.org:

Sure, Frank is a party that takes place on “Punk Rock” in Alta. A place where people gather to celebrate another season of the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” but Frank is much more than that. Over time, Frank has become something of a Frankenstein (pun intended) since its humble beginnings. Giant jumps, huge tricks, and a social media presence that an influencer would be proud of. I can tell you with total certainty that this is not what Frank intended to be. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I salute those who have kept the flames of Frank alive. The Frank that we started is not the Frank that happens today, and that is perfectly alright. Things evolve and take the shape of their own, like a proud father watching his offspring or like a bird finally ready to take flight from the nest. Frank has grown, and with it, its popularity and its reach outside Alta. But like your favorite novel adapted to the big screen, you would hate to see them stray too far from the heart of the story—the true meaning of the

Check out this commercial for The Frank…its golden:

Music video for The Frank featuring a cover of the John Denver classic Dancing In The Mountains: 

[embedded content]

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