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Revolutionary Hybrid Bike/Boat/Camper Hybrid Now Available For Pre-Order


Transportation technology is always getting wilder and wilder. Several months ago, I heard about the possibility of drone taxis existing in cities, and not too long ago I wrote about a driverless snow vehicle meant for the backcountry. Now, fans of bike touring are getting their own wild vehicle.

The BeTRITON Z-TRITON 2.0 is a hybrid of a bike, boat and camper. Designed by Aigars Lauzis, who supposedly cycled from London to Tokyo, the Z-TRITON 2.0 claims to be the most unique and sustainable way to travel over both land and water.

When in bike mode, the Z-TRITON 2.0 features a small electric bike motor to assist with pedaling, a motor display, built in lights, horn, and USB charging. To switch to the aquatic mode, the wheels are lifted, inflatable stabilizers are attached, and an electric boat motor is lowered into the water. The boat includes attachable oars, a radio with bluetooth, and much more.

In the camper set up, the Z-TRITON 2.0 can supposedly comfortably sleep 2 people. Working on both land and water, it features multiple types of storage and solar panels on the roof.

Currently, the Z-TRITON 2.0 is available for pre-order, which costs 100 euros. The full price of the vehicle starts at 14,500 euros (around $15,500). Deliveries in Europe are set to begin later in 2022, while it will become available to the rest of the world in 2023. It is also supposedly available for rent in Latvia.

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Image Credit: BeTRITON on YouTube

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