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Skier Succeeds In Making Tele-Skiing Actually Look Cool


DISCLAIMER: Despite what’s stated in this article, telemark skiing is still objectively the least cool type of skiing. It’s outranked by alpine skiing, ski blading, mono skiing, and even nordic skiing. It is, however, significantly cooler than snowboarding. If you feel the need to share your dissenting opinion, be aware: NOBODY CARES THAT YOU TELE.

As much as I like to chirp and make fun of them, telemark skiers are working their butts off, and generally look pretty cool while doing it. This relaxing east coast spring skiing edit seems to prove my point. I’ve tried tele skiing before, it’s not easy, but this video makes it look so basic.

I’m mostly concerned with how in the world this guy was able to get so many runs in with fresh tracks at Sugarbush… I guess that’s what happens when there’s a nice spring dump. Also, newschool telemark, the channel that posted this specific video, as a ton of other great telemark videos, and if you’re interested, I encourage you to check them out.

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Image Credit: newschool telemark on YouTube

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