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How To Traverse On A Snowboard


Snowboarders hate traversing even more than skiers. It’s a fact. Some claim snowboarders wouldn’t enjoy ski areas like Alta simply because of the traversing required to access the best terrain.

While that assumption is probably unfounded, snowboarders do tend to struggle navigating long traverses in the backcountry or to access off-piste trails at a resort.

Take a look at how the pros tackle traversing, and use these skills next time you’re out with your skiing friends.

They’ll be thrilled that you aren’t lagging 500 yards behind and complaining.

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HOW TO XV: “Traversing on a snowboard is tricky, it can easily ruin your day and it can also bring you you to exposed situation which can be dangerous . In today’s episode of How To Xv I go through some of my tips and tricks for making traversing on a snowboarder easier so that with the right gear, technique and line choices you will be able to increase your range of action and all of that with a good safety feeling.”

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