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LINE Skis Presents ‘adVENNture’- Must Watch Short Film


It’s not often that a ski edit actually makes me feel emotions, ya know?

I mean, I enjoy watching people ski big lines in powder as much as the next guy, but those edits don’t elicit feelings other than general excitement.

adVENNture is an exception.

I don’t want to ruin the video so I’ll just let you take it from here. I hope you enjoy this visual experience as much as I did.

[embedded content]

LINE Skis: Switzerland and Canada share many things in common; High alpine peaks, red and white flags, and deep powder. Although separated by the Atlantic ocean, longtime friends Sami Ortlieb and Rob Heule unite to bring you a shared ski experience from the ski lifts and backcountry of their respective homes in Glarus (CH) and Alberta (CAN).

adVENNture aims to immerse the viewer in the similarities and differences between 2 skiers, 2 continents, and 2 different pairs of skis, through the overlapping vignette of a Venn diagram. Join these two like-minded skiers as they shred in harmony on the same fish-tailed equipment; The Line Skis Pescado and Sakana.


Follow Sami Ortleib on Instagram: @samiortlieb

Follow Rob Heule on Instagram: @robheule

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