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Alyeska Has Totaled Nearly 800″ of Snowfall This Year


Alyeska Resort Trail Map | OnTheSnow

Alyeska Resort Trail Map | OnTheSnow

Holy sh*t. It just doesn’t stop snowing up at Alyeska, does it?

We reported earlier this season when the resort extended their season thanks to 663″ as of mid-March. Turns out it’s snowed more than 100″ since then.

Alyeska is now reporting 792″ has fallen at the summit of their Glacier Bowl Express chairlift. That’s insane.

Check out this clip from @alaskaexplorer of what conditions are like. Looks like mid-winter up there!

Alyeska is still operating daily throughout the month of April, and will then shift to weekends only in May. There’s still plenty of skiing to be had up there, and I’m itching to book a flight…

Alyeska will most likely pass the 800″ mark by the end of the season, and we’re excited to see what the total ends up at!

Stay tuned here at Unofficial Networks for any updates regarding Alyeska’s snowfall for the remainder of the season.

Featured Image Credit: Alyeska Resort/@alaskaexplorer

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