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Jesper Tjäder’s Lines at Audi Nines Were Nauseatingly Incredible (Video)


Leave it to the Swedish freestyle skiing god Jesper Tjäder to nearly make me puke this Monday morning.

His POV footage from Audi Nines is undeniably sick, but the constant spinning and flipping made me just a tiny bit dizzy… ????

You’ll see what I mean. Check out the video for yourself:

[embedded content]

Now that you’ve watched, can you at least understand how I felt like I was crossed-eyed after watching it?

Folks, you have to remember I’m a poser ski blogger who sits in front of his computer all day pretending like I know things about the skiing and snowboarding industry.

My dumb brain just can’t keep up with Jesper Tjäder’s skiing. He’s just too good, and I’m too lame. It is what it is.

I’m obviously joking (well… sort of…) throughout most of this article. Jesper is one of my favorite skiers to watch in the entire world. He’s like a diet Candide Thovex, and I mean that with the utmost respect.

I can watch this guy ski all day, but maybe with a little bit less POV footage, or a little more Dramamine in my system next time.

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