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VR Skiing and Snowboarding Experience Coming to Singapore


“Our vision for Trifecta by The Ride Side was a simple one – we wanted to bring the mountains and the waves to the urban centre of Singapore. We are thrilled to share our passion for snowboarding, skiing, and skating with everyone, and we hope that by challenging them with new experiences, we will also be able to provide them with a new avenue for self-expression.”Daphne Goh, Co-Founder of The Ride Side.

The Covid-19 pandemic has not been kind to the economies of Asia, especially to their tourism sector. So in order to get tourists back, companies in countries like Singapore are creating some new unique tourists attractions. Time Out reports that Trifecta Singapore will become the hub for adventure sports in the country. The complex will feature separate areas for surfers, skateboarders, and skiers/snowboarders. The complex will have a skate park with the world’s first hybrid skate bowl, and the country’s first surf skate circuit. Their surfing arena will have a “cutting-edge deepwater wave pool technology, which can produce water columns up to 1.5 metres – the deepest in Singapore. “

The ski and snowboard simulators look similar to those that have opened in the United States(OKC and Wisconsin being some recent examples), but will also feature a Virtual Reality aspect to them as well. The project is being built by the Ride Side, a Singaporian adventure sports company that leads overseas snowboarding trips, along with skating and surf skating workshops. The complex is expected to open in 2023. Photos of the project are below.

Trifecta by The Ride SideImage Credits: Trifecta

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