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Guy Fieri Tries The Nachos @ Aspen’s Highlands Alehouse


Triple D host and Mayor of Flavor Town, Mr. Guy Fieri, was in Aspen, Colorado to sample Highlands Alehouse’s giant plate of meaty, cheesy nachos topped with housemade carnitas and fresh guacamole ($17 + $5 carnitas). Don’t think anyone is confusing this upscale slopeside eatery with a diner, drive-in or dive but nachos look great and Guy made fast friends with Monterrey, Mexico’s Chef Miguel Izquierdo who goes the extra mile with a layered cheese melt technique to avoid barren chips at the bottom of the plate (really appreciate this). Not gonna lie, watched this and now I’m craving nachos:

[embedded content]

About Highlands Alehouse:

Located ski-in, ski-out at the base of Aspen Highlands, the “locals’ mountain”, the Highlands Alehouse is the premier spot for lunch, après ski and dinner. Our menu offers classic dishes with a twist made with wholesome and fresh ingredients sourced locally. We pride ourselves in making our food from scratch, in-house with love.

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