Spring refresh: Epic storm totals favor the Pacific Northwest


Just when we thought we had accepted spring slush season with open, bare arms, winter decided to make an unexpected comeback for the start of April. A powerful storm from the Pacific Ocean made its way inland as we all got ourselves ready for another work week. By the end of the day Monday, snow totals were reaching multiple FEET and pow-starved skiers all over the Pacific Northwest started calling in…cough, cough, sick.

From Whistler in British Columbia, to Schweitzer Mountain in Northern Idaho, ski areas all over the PNW are clearly Mother Nature’s favorites this week. The flakes are forecasted to slow down for the next couple of days but then the faucet turns back on this weekend. Grab your GORE-TEX and your cozy layers, we’ve got just a bit more winter ahead of us to enjoy.

Note: The snow totals, below, are over the last 48 hours, as of Tuesday morning.

This article was originally published by Freeskier.com. Read the original article here.


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