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Hiking Angels Landing During Snowstorm (Stunning Visuals)


I gotta give props to the YouTube algorithm for suggesting this video below to me. It’s absolutely incredible.

Drew Simms hiked the iconic Angles Landing at Zion National Park during a beautiful snowstorm earlier this year. His cinematography in documenting the hike was a treat to watch.

You could easily throw this video on loop on a 2nd monitor or a TV screen while you work. Enjoy!!!

[embedded content]

It goes without saying, but this hike is obviously extremely dangerous. It is not recommend that anybody try to hike Angels Landing during a snowstorm.

Drew SimmsI have been wanting to film a vlog in Zion National Park during the winter for such a long time. Angels Landing has been my favorite hike since I got into the outdoors. Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video!”

“I definitely would not recommend hiking Angels Landing in the snow unless you are a very experienced hiker. Like I mentioned in the vlog, I have done this hike over a dozen times, 5 of those times being in the snow! Hope you guys enjoy!”

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