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The Best Indoor Mountain Biking In The World


^Ray’s Course Map

Ray’s Mountain Bike is a massive indoor bike park located in Cleveland, OH that operates from October-May.

The park is made up of 102,000 square feet of varying courses, terrain, and challenges suited for all skill levels.

One of Ray’s most notable features is the Flow Track that weaves through the entirety of the complex. It stretches almost a full mile! This place looks like a mountain biker’s Disneyworld.

Can you imagine being able to ride here all winter while you wait for things to warm up outside? Must be nice!

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Kyle & April – Ride MTB“In the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio you can find the world’s longest indoor mountain bike trail inside of the world’s first indoor mountain bike park. Ray’s Indoor MTB park is a legendary place in mountain bike history and in this video we take you for a full lap on the worlds longest continuous indoor trail!” 

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