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New Maine Site Will Host The Largest Flagpole in the World


You don’t see ideas like this every day, especially in Maine. The recently announced Flagpole of Freedom will honor the veterans that have fought for the United States. The flagpole is being proposed by the Worcester family, who runs Wreaths Across America. The site will feature the Flagpole of Freedom, which will be the largest flagpole and flag in the world, standing at 1461 feet tall.  With the flagpole sitting on a 315-foot hill, the top of the pole will be 1776 feet tall. The pole will have “two observation decks, museums, convention space, theaters, and retail spaces.” Other attractions will include miles of walls commemorating the 24 million veterans who served in the various wars fought since 1776, the Village of Old Glory (which will include restaurants, shops, theater shows, museums, and cafes), the Halls of History (six museums chronicling the critical wars in American history), a hotel, and a scenic gondola. The billion-dollar project, paid through via private donations, is expected to bring 8000 jobs to Columbia Falls, Maine. The site will be located an hour away from Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

In my opinion, this sounds like a neat idea. The flagpole itself is a bit of an eyesore(perhaps a red, white, and blue color scheme would improve it), but the flag, observation deck, and the surrounding attractions look like cool ideas. I also like how it’s apolitical and the church on site will be nondenominational. A potential issue is whether this would alter the stunning views for when you are visiting Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. Obviously, the major key is how this will affect the locals that live around the proposed attraction. If the local community is for building a major tourist attraction like this, then I’m for it too. They are hoping to open the first phase of the project on July 4, 2026, which will be our nation’s 250th anniversary.

A map of our location in Maine

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Image/Video Credits: Flagpole of Freedom

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