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Colorado Ski Resort Celebrates Most Successful Season On Record


Powderhorn Mountain Resort in Grand Junction, Colorado has reached its longest season on record with 121 days of operation. The mountain is set to close this Sunday, April 3rd, and was able to open early this season due to early snowmaking efforts.

Powderhorn introduced a new form of snowmaking last year that, rather that relying on pumps, uses a gravity fed system. As the mountain lays on the side of Grand Mesa, water for snowmaking is allowed to fall from the top of the mountain, rather than being pumped up from the base. The resort also experienced a record number of visitors this season.

“We saw record breaking skier numbers here this season. We welcomed back events, events had been gone due to Covid. So bringing important events back to the resort like the kids winter games and the ‘you 12′ ski race championships were really exciting moments for us.” Ryan Robinson, Director of Marketing and Sales at Powderhorn, to NBC 11

Powderhorn has, of course, set the goal of breaking both records next season. I think it’s awesome to see a smaller resort celebrating major records like this, especially when the ski market is dominated by mountains on both the Epic and Ikon pass. Go you, Powderhorn!

If you’re interested in a season pass, the adult regular pass goes for $699, but they sell cheaper passes for specific date groups.

Image Credit: Powderhorn Mountain Resort on Instagram

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