Cody Cirillo’s ‘FLUID – A Skier’s Connection to Water’ A pillow bashing trek through British Columbia


As humans, we often take for granted the necessary natural cycle of water that gives us life and nurtures us; and as skiers, we are even more so indebted. Seemingly like clockwork, the temperatures cool, our water freezes high above us, and the mountains we obsess over once again are blanketed. While it might seem like this incredible transition is a given constant in life, it’s far from it. The snow and subsequent life that comes with it are perpetuated by a fluid journey, one that affects everything on this planet. It’s a process that is as delicate as it is powerful, and few people are more akin to this than professional skiers. Among these snow riders is a man named Cody Cirillo. The Telluride based athlete has begun an adventure to better understand these forces of nature that bring us together in the places we recreate. ‘FLUID – A Skier’s Connection to Water’ is the first video in Cody’s new Element series. Incredible cinematography and classic cowboy Cody style skiing make for a hell of a journey through the snow caked hills of British Columbia. We all owe our lives to water, so next time you take a sip or make a smooth turn, give thanks for our lovely little fluid element.

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