It’s a bird, it’s a drone, it’s Blaine Gallivan!


Much like skiers and mountaineers, the raven thrives in high-alpine environments. An ever-present fixture in the mountains, the raven has garnered the reputation of being the reincarnated spirit of mountain adventurers who have passed on. Curious how the raven flows through the backcountry terrain surrounding Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, professional skier Blaine Gallivan set out to see and ski the mountain from a bird’s eye view.

Filmed by Dan Gibeau Cinema, ‘Bird’s Eye View’ takes a unique perspective to skiing and filming in one of the most sought-after zones in the entire United States. With his signature style, Gallivan soars through this adventurous terrain with enviable finesse. But remember, if you plan to explore in the backcountry always have the proper knowledge, gear, partners and plan for a safe and successful mission.

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