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– Record Number of Rescues in Swiss Mountains
– Milan-Cortina Olympic Boss Set to Resign
– Salt Lake City Continues Interest in Olympic Bid
– Could you do this? LIVE & UPDATED

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Record Number of Rescues in Swiss Mountains Last Year

Figures released this week by the Swiss Alpine Club show that 3,680 people were involved in accidents in the Alps and Jura mountains in 2021.

201 people died.

The previous highest total was 3,471 in 2020.

It came as there were less foreigners in the mountains due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

30% of accidents involved foreigners, but that figure is more normally around 40%.

There were more accidents involving ski touring, off-piste skiing and snowshoeing with a higher number in January, February and March.

The Swiss Alpine Club puts that down to heavy snowfall at the beginning of the year.

Swiss Flag. Image © PlanetSKI

Swiss Flag. Image © PlanetSKI


Milan-Cortina Olympic Boss Set to Resign this Month

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica has reported that the chief executive of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Organising Committee, Vincenzo Novari, is set to step down this month.

He is expected to make the announcement at a Board of Directors meeting on April 6th.

The newspaper reports that his lack of experience in the sporting industry was cited as one of the main reasons for his expected departure.

The 62-year old has been the CEO since November 2019.

La Republicca reported that UEFA director of football and social responsibility, Michele Uva, is being consideration for the job.

The Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place between February 6 to 22 in 2026, with the Paralympic Games March 6 to 15.

Milan-Cortina 2026

Milan-Cortina 2026

Staying with Olympic news….


Salt Lake City Continues to Show Interest in 2030 or 2034 Olympic Bid

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee says there will be meeting with the International Olympic Committee Utah in April and at the IOC base in Switzerland in June.

Others interested include Sapporo in Japan, Vancouver in Canada and Barcelona in Spain.

Salt Lake City previously held the Winter Olympics in 2002.

Salt Lake City Olympic bid

Salt Lake City Olympic bid


Could you do this?

Andri Ragettli, a professional Swiss freestyle skier, has been demonstrating football and skiing skills.

He is a passionate Real Madrid fan.

Well could you?

Do send us your videos if you decide to have a go…..


Image © PlanetSKI

Image © PlanetSKI

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