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‘Road Dogs’- Snowboarders Chase Powder Across The Northwest


I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again for those of you that missed my last blog- You need to stop what you’re doing and subscribe to Austen Sweetin’s YouTube channel. Right now.

Did you do it? No? Why not? Did you read what I just said? Oh, so that’s how you feel? You don’t think I’m a credible source on snowboarding content because I’m a skier from the east coast? You think I have a big head? You’re tired of this bit? You’re leaving the blog? You’re blocking Unofficial Networks on social media?

Well shit… That’s not how I thought that would turn out…

In all seriousness (as if I’m ever 100% serious), Austen Sweetin puts out awesome snowboarding content on a regular basis. He’s one of the best freeride snowboarders on the planet, and his YouTube channel is littered with great clips.

He just dropped the video below minutes ago. It’s a compilation of powder riding clips that didn’t make the cut for his new film dropping later this year.

I particularly enjoyed the follow-cam drone footage that the video opens up with. It almost looks like a video game, and I’m hoping more skiers and riders use this type of shot in future projects. It’s so satisfying to watch.

Thanks for enduring my ramblings. Let’s get to the video! Enjoy!

[embedded content]

Austen Sweetin: Let the rubber hit the floor. That was our motto the past month as we drove around chasing snow throughout the greater northwest. It wasn’t easy to find good powder, but when we did, it paid off. We searched for it from Mt. Baker to Alaska and everywhere in between. Here is a compilation of footage that didn’t make the cut for our new film releasing in fall 2022, featuring snowboarding by Austen Sweetin, Timmy Taussig, Beau Bishop, Miles Freelan, Brayden Charette, Phil Hansen, Matteo Soltane, Matt Belzile, Jody Wachniak, Chris Rasman, and Travis Rice.

Film and Edit by Sean Lucey
Additional Filming by Al Grogran”

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