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Roof Avalanche Nearly Buries Russian Family (Crazy Video)


If enough snow builds up on a rooftop, and suddenly falls onto to somebody below, it can be deadly. Roof avalanches, or roofalanches, tend to happen in places that receive large amounts of snowfall.

The video below shows a mother grabbing her two children just moments before a roof avalanche comes crashing down.

[embedded content]

She really shows how badass motherly/fatherly instincts can be when it comes to kids. She definitely saved her children from injury, or worse!

Video description: “Occurred on February 20, 2022 / Russia

From the roof of an apartment building, a huge pile of snow fell on a woman with two kids. The mother of the baby, hearing the roar, pulled the child out from under the avalanche a second before the snow fell.”

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