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Day In The Life Of A Ski Patroller (Vlog)


I just happened to stumble across a YouTube channel about a ski patroller at Brian Head Resort in southern Utah. Ski Patrol Life – Southern Utah Style!, is a relatively small channel, but he puts out some pretty interesting content.

I’m always curious about what kind of stuff ski patrollers get into on an average day. The vlog below shows this patrollers dealing with low-vis, shallow snow, somebody who broke their ski, and more.

It’s not the most exciting video, but I enjoyed just peering through his lens as he goes about his day.

Patrollers do so much for us. Please make sure to thank them for their hard-work when you see them out at the resort!

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Ski Patrol Life – Southern Utah Style!: “The average day at Brian Head Ski Resort is honestly, never average. The slowest, calmest day can go sideways within minutes. This day on the other hand started out with challenging weather and just went crazy from there… I have never seen a ski break into pieces before this day.”

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