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Young Skier Crashes Into Friend On Corbet’s Couloir (Video)


Corbet's Couloir - Wikipedia

Corbet's Couloir - Wikipedia

NOTE: I’m only posting this video because the video’s uploader has stated that both of the girls were okay after this pretty scary accident. It will be removed if I hear otherwise.

The video shows two girls attempting Corbet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the first time. The first girl has a little bit of trouble with the Goat Path entrance, but ultimately makes it into the Couloir without much trouble.

The second girl falls and starts speeding down Corbet’s at a fast speed. She eventually collides with her friend that was skiing ahead.

The video is a little bit long by today’s internet standards, so I’ve embedded it to start slightly before the collision.

Video uploaded to YouTube by: Travis Bacon: “Tough to learn Corbet’s without falling. They were both alright. And it can be difficult to catch Corbet’s on a deep powder day.

[embedded content]

I’m really proud of these girl for giving Corbet’s a go, and I’m so happy that everybody is reportedly okay.

The crash looked really bad from the top, but you know what they say about young people. They bounce back from these kind of injuries like their bodies are made of rubber.

Header Image Credit: By Enricokamasa – Own work, Public Domain, 

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