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Michigan Ski Jump Receives $20 Million For Improvements


Michigan state lawmakers recently passed a $4.8 billion infrastructure plan and part of it will go towards upgrades for the Copper Peak Ski Jump in Gogebic County. TV6 reports $20 million of the budget is slated to to restore and develop Ironwood’s Copper Peak Ski Jump facility to host FIS ski jumping events after nearly 30 years out of commission.

“The last time [Copper Peak] was jumped was 1994 and the actual style of ski jumping, they glide differently now so the angle of the hill has to get significantly changed.” –Copper Peak Ski Jump Planning Committee Chairman Bob Jacquart 

Concrete will have to be poured on the jump’s runway and landing to host summer ski jumping allowing Copper Peak to host one of the most important FIS events of the warm season after renovations are complete:

“We will be the final event of the summer series which means we will crown the summer world champion.” –Jacquart 

Michigan lawmakers predicts Copper Peak will bring in $50 million of visitor revenue in its first four years of men’s and women’s competitive events as thousands of European ski jumping fans could travel to westernmost portion of the Upper Peninsula:

“We will get put onto the schedule about a year and a half before the meet, that’s how the process works with FIS. I’ve been told a couple of times from Europeans that the minute we’re put on the schedule our hotels will fill up from Europe.” -Jacquart 

FIS engineer is set to visit the ski jump this summer to begin drafting remodel plans. The project is scheduled to be finished by the end of summer 2024, with its first competition slated for winter of 2025.

While you may not know Copper Peak by name, there’s a good chance you remember that time Sammy Carlson sent the 24 story, 300-ton steel structure on the shores of Lake Superior. This remains one of the most jaw dropping ski stunts ever: 

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