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VIDEO: Snowboarder Triggers Avalanche in Colorado’s Front Range


Quick video reminder from the folks at Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) that although moderate, avalanche conditions persist in Colorado’s front range as evidenced from this rider triggered video from Diamond Peaks near Cameron Pass on March 25th. Be safe out there folks:

“We know it’s sunny out, we know the avalanche danger is MODERATE (Level 2 of 5), we know it’s March, but it’s still cold and wintery on northerly-facing aspects and there is still a nasty weak layer buried 2 to 3 feet deep in many of our zones. You can still trigger big, dangerous, avalanches on this layer as these riders in the Diamond Peaks near Cameron pass found out on March 25. A MODERATE danger means heightened conditions on particular slopes. In this case, northwest, north, northeast, and east-facing slopes. It requires careful snowpack evaluation, conservative decision-making, and a lot of skill to travel safely on these specific aspects right now. You can avoid this avalanche problem by avoiding travel on steep northerly and east-facing slopes. Check colorado.gov/avalanche for information on the zones where you plan to travel.”

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