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Swedish Skiers Kajsa & Malou Ski Powder That’s “Too Deep”


Skiers Kajsa and Malou run a popular YouTube channel that posts vlog-style videos of the pair skiing across Sweden, Canada, and more.

Their video below shows the girls skiing ‘too deep’ powder in Sweden, skinning for an amazing sunrise, almost hitting a moose with their RV, and some other funny shenanigans.

[embedded content]

Kajsa & Malou: Season 4 is here!

We head towards unknown land in the northern part of Sweden timing the best conditions we have ever skied in the cold north. Frozen toes in – 30 and early wake-up calls to catch the short time of daylight.

We are so happy to continue this journey and are very thankful that the following brands support this dream:

GoPro, Merrell, Everest, PeakPerformance, Redbull Sweden”

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