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FOR SALE: A Lost Massachusetts Ski Resort


If you’ve ever wanted to own one of Massachusett’s most historic ski areas, this sounds like a golden opportunity. For just under $2 Million, you could own the historic Brodie Mountain. The history of the resort is pretty complex, so I’ll just post this in-depth history from NELSAP here. With a vertical drop of 1250 feet, Brodie Mountain became renowned in New England for a snowmaking system that sometimes led to October openings, an extensive night skiing network, and featured other activities like snow tubing and cross-country skiing. The mountain featured seven lifts: two chairlifts, two t-bars, and three rope tows.

In 1999, the mountain was acquired by the Fairbank Group, which owns the nearby Jiminy Peak. The new owners gave the local community an ultimatum: if they could sell 3000 passes, they would install a new high-speed quad to the summit. This number couldn’t be reached, and thus deferred maintenance and rising expenses led to the ski resort closing in 2002. Tubing operations remained active until 2007. Timeshares were planned by a new owner but never came to fruition. The summit became a massive wind farm, but most of the lifts and buildings remain in place.

The main caveat of this sale is that it’s debatable as to whether you would be able to operate lifts on the property.  The Storm Skiing Journal spoke with the Fairbanks Group, the prior owners of the resort before it closed. They said the land can’t be used to operate lifts again. On the other hand, NELSAP claims there was a clause that didn’t allow for skiing operations. This clause was only applicable for twenty years, meaning you can operate the resort again since the twenty years have passed.

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From this 2021 abandoned exploration video, it’s clear many of the remaining buildings will need to be gutted based on the damage done by trespassers, along with the moldy walls in numerous buildings.

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You can view the listing here. Some photos of the property are below:0 Route 7, New Ashford, MA - aerial map view - Image4

0 Route 7, New Ashford, MA - aerial map view - Image40 Route 7, New Ashford, MA for sale Aerial- Image 4 of 120 Route 7, New Ashford, MA for sale Aerial- Image 9 of 120 Route 7, New Ashford, MA for sale Aerial- Image 5 of 12 Image/Video Credits: LoopNet, Skimap.com, Lindsey D

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