Home Gear Lunatic Ski Instructor Whacks Snowboarder On Jump With Pole

Lunatic Ski Instructor Whacks Snowboarder On Jump With Pole


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Someday, hopefully, I’ll live to be an old white guy. My hair will turn gray, my skin will look like soggy uncooked bacon, and I’ll probably yell at clouds because everything makes me grumpy.

But, I hope for the love of Candide Thovex, that I don’t turn out to be a crotchety ski instructor who acts like he owns the mountain like the dude in the video below.

The ski instructor stops on the jump, hits the snowboarder with his pole while he’s jumping, and then proceeds to berate the him for his actions.

You have to check out this crazy video that YouTuber Halfcabking captured earlier this year.

[embedded content]

What a clown. There’s no debate. Old white dude ski instructor is a Jerry and could have really hurt somebody. Somebody need to pull this dude’s pass.

Can anybody tell where this was recorded? The logo on the ski instructor’s gear looks like Keystone, but I’m not 100% positive. Kind of looks like Northstar as well. Either way it appears to be a Vail Resorts property…

Halfcabking“I honestly have no idea why this man would do this. I am beyond grateful it was not another guest as I would hate to see people turned off the sport due to his actions. It is clear to see he just does not like snowboarders citing times in the past . The fact his class was no where around and that he did not hit the other riders going by , I can not help but think this was a fast thought with rage and not the first time. It does scare me to think people like this are teaching children and I do hope this is the last time this ever happens to anyone on the hill again. Especially from an employee. I do not think the resort is at fault as I know this type of behavior is not accepted . I do however think this man needs to be held to a higher standard. I truly always try to inspire and bring good vibes on the hill. Unfortunately we all run into a few “Deans” in our time. I hope we can grow from this, learn , and treat each other with a bit more love and respect.”

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