Joona Kangas – ‘Sunset Keesh’ is everything you could want from resurrected classic


Close your eyes. It’s 2016. You’re playing ‘Wicked’ by Future for the fourth time today, and not surprisingly, it still goes. Level 1 has released the trailer for their upcoming movie, ‘Pleasure‘. SLVSH is running full steam ahead, pumping out some of their finest episodes to date. NOAA has predicted a La Nina weather cycle, and you’re getting ready for those storms that leave you drooling with your jaw on the floor and a smile stretched across your face. To put it simply, life is fantastic.

Perhaps you find yourself in the cold playgrounds of Finland’s Levi Snowpark or Sunset Park. Perhaps you’re caught up in the extravagant Finnish beauty, and you take a moment to survey the finely crafted rails and jumps that lay at your disposal. But while surveying your surroundings, you notice a grey hoodie-clad figure, slicing their way through the plethora of features with an ease and style that would make Master Shifu himself proud. You might think you’re dreaming, but no; you’re simply watching a young craftsmen, Joona Kangas in his element, honing his skills and on his way to becoming on of the best freestyle skiers in the world.

But, luckily enough for the majority of us who were not there, Joona and friends recorded some of their adventures around their homeland and have put it together in this instant classic, ‘Sunset Keesh’. With Stephan Sutton, Kalle Kutvonen, Antti Ollila and Andrew Napier all chipping in behind the lens, you can rest assured you’re in for a visually pleasing mini ski masterpiece.

If you enjoy what you see, Joona has dropped several other throwback edits on his Youtube page, which can be found right here.

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