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The Survivors of Mt. Everest’s Worst Tragedy


Start your morning with the harrowing story about one of the worst tragedies on Mt. Everest. 8 climbers lost their lives that day, and an old news segment from 60 Minutes Australia tells the story.

“On the roof of the world, groups of exultant mountain climbers congratulated each other on completing the ultimate adventure. They had scaled Mt Everest — all 8848 metres of it. But their celebrations were premature. The weather was closing in. With 30 climbers on, or descending from the summit, a blizzard hit. In the next 36 hours, eight climbers would die in Everest’s worst tragedy. But not before extraordinary heroics and terrible suffering. For the first time on television, two Australian survivors tell the dramatic story of death and courage on Everest. And from America, a third survivor, Beck Weathers, tells of his ordeal and the frostbite that could mean both his hands being amputated”

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