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Kangaroo Punches Paraglider On Landing (Hilarious Video)


This is the perfect video to encapsulate Australia in my opinion. It’s got everything one would need to explain that crazy country (I mean crazy in the nicest way possible).

Its’ got a paraglider, stunning views, a thick accent, and a rogue kangaroo looking to stir up trouble with humans. What more could you ask for?

“I had been Paragliding cross country for two hours near Canberra and had reached a position where I had to land. It is the last cleared valley where I could safely land, as over the next ridge there is only wilderness and trees. I decided to land on the concrete slab of the old Orroral Space Tracking Station. I was concentrating on the landing and didn’t notice the Kangaroo until after I landed. As it ran towards me I thought it was being friendly so I said ‘What’s Up, Skip?’ It then attacked me twice before hopping away. I packed up my paraglider and had to walk several kilometers to get phone reception and call a friend to come and collect me”

[embedded content]

Love how the paraglider just brushed it off with a casual ‘fu*king kangaroos’, as if it’s a somewhat normal thing to get in a scuffle with a roo. I laughed so hard at that.

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