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“Girls Gotta Eat Dirt”- Get Ready For The Season With Last Year’s Best MTB Film


Sometimes, you just gotta eat dirt, ya know?

The ski season is winding down, and that mean mountain bike season is right around the corner. I’m already thinkin of sunny skies, warm temps, and green trees.

So, I figured, why not give my favorite mountain bike movie from last season a re-watch? It didn’t disappoint.

Ripton & Co., a denim brand that focuses on jorts and overalls, released ‘Girls Gotta Eat Dirt’ in April of 2021. The film focuses on three female friends from Silverton, CO that love mountain biking together.

The video has a light-hearted feel accompanied by some pretty sick downhill riding. These girls can rip, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it again!

[embedded content]

Ripton & Co.: “The story of three best friends, roommates, and riding partners with a taste for the finer things. And plenty of dirt on their jorts. Video: Ripton & Co., Wiley Kaupas Riders: Delilah Cupp, Clare Hamilton, Avra Saslow Photo: Jack Plantz Editing: Pete Vogt, Nate Steinbauer Music: “Under the Thunder” – Skegss, “Keep it in Line (Yeasayer Remix)” – BRONCHO, “Sandman” – BRONCHO”

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