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Deer Valley’s Base Area Expansion Faces Local Scrutiny


Deer Valley is looking to build up its Snow Park base village, but the question is by how much. TownLift reported on a recent Park City town meeting that saw locals speak out against the project. Chuck Haggerty, the President of the Solamere Homeowners Association (HOA), said that around 1400 residents oppose the project. Concerns ranged from increased vehicle traffic along with a lack of parking that will result from the project. Alterra Mountain Company, which owns Deer Valley Resort, said they’re willing to make adjustments to their plans, but haven’t given detail as to what those changes would be. The timing of the project doesn’t particularly help its cause. A new ski resort will be opening right next to Deer Valley in 2023, Park City Mountain Resort is trying to add multiple buildings to its base area that would nix its closest parking to the slopes, the cost of renting or buying housing is rising rapidly, and traffic continues to grow.

The following is planned for the new base village: the moving of the base terminals of the Carpenter and Silverlake Express(one of which would be converted to a gondola), numerous hotels, residential buildings, new commercial and restaurant spaces, a multi-story parking lot, a transit and mobility hub, an event center, community park and even potentially a station for an in-town gondola. The existing Snow Park Lodge will remain in its current location.

As someone who just skied Deer Valley last week, I think one of the main strengths of the Snow Park Base Area is how there’s plentiful free parking. While some of the additions will improve this base area, a concern I would have is if they would start to charge for parking and if full lots would start to become an issue. Unfortunately for opponents to these plans, Deer Valley has planned for this base village since its opening in 1981, and their land entitlements make the expansion inevitable. Hopefully, plentiful parking without having to pay for it is part of those plans too.

Image Credits: TownLift, Deer Valley Resort

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