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VIDEO: ShredBots “The Unholy Mountain” Is Worth All 16 Minutes


I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a Shredbots video and been disappointed, and, fortunately, The Unholy Mountain has continued that trend. There’s no fancy camera angles, no narration that’s trying too hard to be prophetic, and no ulterior motive, just sixteen and a half minutes of hardcore deep pow and some killer snowboarders to ride it.

I think it’s worth warning you that the intro credits are… interesting (apparently the images come from the 1973 film The Holy Mountain, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky). They left me feeling rather uncomfortable, but I would say it enhanced the overall viewing experience of the entire film. So, with that said, grab some snacks and a drink, plop down in front of your computer or television, and check out this killer film.

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Image Credit: SHREDBOTS OFFICIAL on YouTube

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