‘Logbook Entry Two’ takes Wiley Miller and crew to British Columbia in search of pow


As we all experienced this ski season across the United States, the refills in our local pow stashes have been few and far between. As was the case for Wiley Miller in Montana. In an effort to produce something for the second entry of his current web series, ‘Logbook,’ Miller and his trusty filmer, Edward Clem, sent it up to Golden, British Columbia to meet up with Todd Ligare, Mark Abma and the Carnage Crew.

What they found was a lot of sun-baked and wind-scoured crud but as soon as they started to venture out a bit further, navigating a touchy snowpack that warranted a special avalanche warning, their efforts were rewarded. Areas protected from the elements produced surprisingly good skiing. A proper return to the Great White North when conditions are a bit deeper is most certainly on the list.

This article was originally published by Freeskier.com. Read the original article here.


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