C Sessions 10.1 – Carinthia Parks reignites its classic series


Bust out the fish eye lens and some sunscreen, because C Sessions are back. Carinthia Parks gathered the troops and has fired its iconic videos back up for the masses. With most of the country experiencing a dismal start to the season, it was time to get creative. Luckily, this ain’t Carinthia’s first rodeo. With a wild set up of rails that look like they came from a 3D printer, and finely tuned jumps sculpted to perfection, it’s clear these dawgs know what they’re doing.

C Session 10.2 is live on the webs as well. But seeing as it’s nuthin’ but snowboarding, we didn’t see it popper to give it its own post. However, if you’re interested you can find the beautiful edit right here.

This article was originally published by Freeskier.com. Read the original article here.


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