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What’s Better, Skis From The 80s, Or Skis From Today?


It would be pretty easy to say that today’s skis are better than skis from the 80s. Technology tends to develop forward, not backward, so if modern skis were worse, something very wrong would have occurred. SkiBoyNY, however, decided to actually test it, rather than just letting assumptions rule.

Now I really don’t think wearing a ski from today on one foot and a ski from the 80s on the other is the best technique to answer this question, but hey, they guy actually finds some pretty interesting stuff in his video. The older ski seemed to have more power than the newer ski, while the newer ski seemed to have more control than the older ski.

This video is very race orientated, with both sets of skis being race skis, so if anyone wants to test this with more freestyle or free ride orientated skis, I’d love to see your findings.

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Image and Video Credit: SkiBoyNY on YouTube

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