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Would You Like To See Airbags At More Resorts?


“We installed the model in the Beitostølen mountains (Norway) and let everyone show off their tricks! This was part of our ‘Try before you Buy’ deal which successfully resulted in an increase in popularity for the resort. This fun and exciting activity assisted in attracting new customers and transforming the atmosphere of the resort.”

Swear to Ullr that these massive inclined airbags from BigAirBag could be a massive draw to ski resorts looking to increase folks interest in visiting the hill. Not sure how much they sell for or the operating costs but purchasing a piece of equipment that lets skiers and snowboarders truly send it while drastically reducing the risk of injury seems to me like an investment that could move the needle on lift ticket sales. If you are decision maker at a ski area and are interested in further information GET QUOTE HERE

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In winter the BigAirBag® provides a much loved attraction for the whole family as part of our snow tubing setup. In summer BigAirBag® could be an ideal addition to your downhill mountain bike trail that will attract enthusiasts from far and wide! Other options are adding a new dimension to your high ropes course or obstacle course, a free fall setup with jumping platforms from 4, 7 and 10 meters? Or how about slacklining over the freestyle airbag, trampolining into the BigAirBag® or even a dry slope freestyle training setup?

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