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Weston, TINCUP Selling Limited-Edition Skis & Boards For Avalanche Rescue Dog Training (C-RAD)


^Credit: TINCUP Whiskey/Bianca Germain

I get a lot of promotional emails in my inbox on a daily basis, but this one stood out this morning. It’s for a great cause, and I think you’ll agree.

TINCUP Whiskey and Weston has partnered to sell limited-edition snowboards and skis with proceeds that benefit Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment, also known as C-RAD.

C-RAD’s mission is to: “…cultivate, inspire and produce dog teams for successful avalanche search and rescue”.

Essentially, they train ski patrol dog teams for rescue missions outside of in-bounds terrain at ski resorts. Pretty RAD, right?

^Tikka with her pro-model skis. Credit: TINCUP Whiskey/Ian Fohrman

Net proceeds, up to $40,000, of the limited-edition skis and snowboards will be donated to facilitate education and accreditation to emergency care and safety service providers including C-RAD.

The skis and snowboards are finished with a custom topsheet created by artist John Fellows. The artwork pays homage Barry, a Saint Bernard adorned with the iconic whiskey barrel (who is said to have saved over 40 lives in the early 1800s in the Swiss Alps), and Tikka, his modern-day Golden Retriever counterpart.

This an awesome opportunity to pick up a new pair of skis or a board if you’re in the market, and know that your money is going to a great cause.

You can buy these limited edition skis/snowboards here.

Tikka is an avalanche rescue dog at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area. She is the star of an awesome video created by TINCUP Whiskey that highlights the importance of avalanche rescue dogs at ski resorts across the globe.

Check out the video below. Tikka looks like the goodest of girls.

[embedded content]

Featured Image Credit: TINCUP Whiskey/Ian Fohrman

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