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WATCH: Straight-Lining Chutes At Lost Trail Powder Mountain


I know somebody is going to get mad at me for talking about their ‘secret spot’, but I can’t help it, okay?

I work for a media company that focuses on skiing and snowboarding. So, sorry not sorry, for blowing up “your” spot with one measly blog.

Can you tell I have some pent up aggression on this subject? ????

The video below is from Joe V on YouTube. He hit some tasty straight-line chutes at Lost Trail Powder Mountain, and I thought it was worth the share.

[embedded content]

I’ve been interested in LTPM for years, but it’s really hard to find any halfway decent photos or videos from the place. Based on this video, the terrain looks pretty rad!

I’m really thinking about taking an Indy Pass road trip out that way next year. I’ll definitely have to hit up LTPM. Joe V, if you’re reading this, care to show me around?

Lost Trail Powder Mountain Stats/Info

Location: Sula, Montana

Open: Thursday-Sunday

Year Opened: 1938

Vertical: 1,800′

Average Snowfall: 325″

Trails: 60+

Acres: 1,800ac. across two mountains

Pass: Indy Pass

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