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Henrik Harlaut’s “Zermatic” Feels Like A Low Budget Masterpiece


I’m not a park skier myself, and when I find myself watching ski edits/movies, they’re mainly focused on freeride skiing. With that said, there’s something about a low budget park edit that I especially enjoy. Those low budget park edits are generally not from Henrik Harlaut, though…

Now I’m not saying this video was definitely filmed with a low budget, but I am saying it feels low budget. The dirty snow at the top of each jump, the lack of helicopter shot clips (yes, there’s one where he’s filmed from above, but it was probably a drone, and it’s just one, give me some credit here), and the absence of fancy rails or boxes all come together to create that feeling. With Koffee‘s Throne as the soundtrack, this video feels like it came straight out of the early 2000’s, and I love it.

It’s all so casual, it’s all so clean, it’s all SO Henrik Harlaut.

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Image and Video Credit: Henrik Harlaut Official on YouTube

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