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“What’s The Craziest Thing You’ve Seen At a Ski Lodge?”


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Lol GIF - Laugh Ron Burgundy We Are Laughing - Discover & Share GIFs

Hand up. I love asking late night questions on Facebook to our followers. It’s waaaaay too much fun, and it drives engagement to our page. It’s a win-win all around honestly.

There’s something about people on Facebook after 9pm that just hits different, ya know? I don’t know if it’s because the booze and drugs have been flowing or what, but you get a different level of honesty out of people in the late night hours.

So, I decided to ask our followers: ‘What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a ski lodge?’ and it didn’t disappoint.

*My comments are in non-bolded italicized font. Last names have been abbreviated for privacy purposes.*

Sara B: “A lady backing into the bathroom stall with her skis on! Now that’s some skillful technique! ????????????”

^When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Martha F: “Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake in Vail at Wildwood Lodge during a blizzard. She was very nice; he wasn’t. (They were great boarders)”

^I would have told JT that was I was the best skier on the mountain. Missed opportunity, Martha.

James L: “Mi**et wrestling, during reggae weekend, while tripping on Mushrooms…And it all really happened, I was shown video evidence when I questioned if it really happened the next day…”

^This one speaks for itself. I honestly can’t think of anything funny to add to this story. Sounds like this guy had the night of his life.

Jack S: “In the late 80’s. Jack Frost in the Poconos had Wet T-shirt contests with a band sponsored by Coors Light!”

^What’s the over-under on how much cocaine was ingested at this event? I’m gonna do with 10 pounds.

Thomas F: “I’m using a free lift ticket at Vail compliments of Outside magazine. Next a group of streakers on skis with about 10 guys and one girl on a sunny March day cruising down the mountain.”

^Sick humble brag, Thomas. We get it. You were skiing for free and saw some boobs. Your life must be soooooooooo awesome…

Robert D: “Shroom Tea being served to the guests.”

^”Sweetie, this tea is making me feel a little bit funny. Since when did your face have 6 eyeballs?”

Patrick D: “Furniture races at Bogus Basin, Idaho 1980’s. It was all fun and games until an out of control couch ran over some pedestrians riding the rope tow.”

^How everything fun ends in this country. Lawsuits.

Patrick O: “Involves a ski pole, a hot pickle and lots of wax”

^I kind of want to know more, but I also don’t? 

Jared K “You’ll have to ask Shit-on-the-floor Dan.”

^Dan…what the hell did you do?! Did you shit on the floor?! Dan?!?!

Tamara S: “Shooting fireworks naked”

^Nothing better than explosives and exposed genitalia. What could go wrong?

Jarron B: “A porn shoot in the gondola”

^I mean you gotta film that stuff somewhere, right? 

John S: “A new skier coming through the lodge window at Wilmot Mountain around 1997ish.”

^Jerry incoming!

James H: “A dude with the word “Gnar” branded on his ass.”

^I’m sorry, but I need to see this ASAP.

Mike C: “Leftover Salmon playing the Alpine Meadows lodge. People eating mushrooms and burning fatties while dancing on tables.”

^Sounds like a good ol’ time.

Featured Image Credit: Sterling Snyder

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