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“Improving Vail’s Diet”- Perfect Metaphor To Solving Vail Resorts’ Problems


^LEFT: WFG on his classic Marquette Backcountry Skis. RIGHT: Wintry Mix Podcast Logo

All of us love to complain about the numerous problems with Vail Resorts. To be fair, it’s pretty easy to take a picture of a ridiculously long lift line and caption it with #epicfail and send it to @epicliftlines. The jokes write themselves.

The creator of @epicliftlines, but no longer the admin of the account (he gave it up back on December 28th, 2021), used to host a ski podcast called The Wintry Mix. He goes by Weird Foothill Guy (WFG) online, thanks to his obsession with skiing the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver.

Side note, but I highly recommend you check out his Twitter for weirdly unique skiing content- @WFG_DEN. You won’t find anybody else like him. I can guarantee that.

WFG retired the Wintry Mix Podcast, but created a special episode surrounding the problems with Vail Resorts. He dives deep into what caused these problems, but also provides solutions to turn things around.

I highly recommend you take the 10 minutes to listen to WFG’s words on the matter. He gives some of the best suggestion’s I’ve heard to date on righting the sinking ship that is Vail Resorts.

I’ve said myself that I actually want Vail Resorts to succeed. They’re too large of a corporation at this point for me to wish them failure. Failure will be a crushing blow to the entirety of the ski industry.

It sucks, but we need Vail Resorts to be healthy at the very least.

Kind of crazy that WFG foresaw these problems happening. He wrote two open letters to Vail Resorts predicting their issues.

Here are those original posts:

From September 2021:

From March 2021:

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